Buy my EP, thx.

2015-05-22 00:19:45 by Reptiore

Dark Electro/House/Glitch-Hop - 4 tracks $4

Polished up 4 tracks I had created since March, sounds funky fresh. Support ya boi. Me and my girl got 10 kids to feed and a wife on the side. They are $1 each. You're basically paying to support me and my hobby of music, 3 of the songs can be found here in lower quality for free. So if you're low on the cash or just want to rep me in a video, feel free to just grab them here.

Mostly this is finally something I am 100% content with. All 4 songs I created for myself, love to listen to, and got great feedback here and elsewhere. Do give me a heads up here if you do end up purchasing it so I can personally thank you.

Here is a huge image of the cover art, which I also 5 minutes in photoshop because I suck at it.



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